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Contact Center Video Call
Solution for the Telecommunications Industry

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Advantages of Contact Center Video Call Solution for the Healthcare Industry


Provide accessible communication service for your hearing impaired customers.


Enable the participants to focus more on the topic of discussion and gain productivity across teams with video call.

More Personal

Create an effective communication that will allow participants to see each other’s body language with video call.

Modern Leg Up
Over Competitors

Take your business one step further with the modern advantages of video call over competitors that don’t use modern collaboration tools.


If you have large teams or members of staff at different locations, video calling will help to unite them.

Keep Connected to
Your Employees

Always stay in touch with your employees working from home or outside via audio and video call.

Vodafone’s Choice
EasyConnect Video

EasyConnect Video was chosen by Vodafone Turkey, a long-time CCR partner and one of the world’s largest telecommunications providers, to enhance customer engagement while simultaneously improving service quality.

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